CommonKADS is the name of a comprehensive methodology for the development of knowledge based systems. It is the result of the ESPRIT project KADS-II (P5248) which was itself a follow up on a previous KADS project. CommonKADS is now developed to a point where it can become a European standard for KBS development. It covers all aspects of a KBS project (strategic management, project management, integration, knowledge acquisition and software development) convered by a single spiral life-cycle.

Have a look at the CommonKADS information from the University of Amsterdam for more information about the project. The CommonKADS wizzards from the VUB AI-Lab are Walter Van de Velde, Ronald Schrooten, Brigitte Honig, Cuno Duursma (now at TNO, The Netherlands) and Agnar Aamodt (back in Trondheim, Norway). In total over 40 people worked in the KADS-II project.

All information can be found on the project website.