AI Flanders Research Program

Funded by the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation in Flanders, this project aims to ensure Flanders’ leadership and attractiveness for future investments in AI technology and applications by focusing on selected AI disciplines that are strategically important for Flanders and in which Flanders has internationally recognized leadership.

The program focuses on four research challenges:

  • AI-driven Data Science
  • AI in the edge
  • Multi-agent collaborative AI
  • Human-like AI

and various proofs-of-concepts within three application domains:

  • Health
  • Industry 4.0
  • Government & Citizens

The AI Lab leads the challenge on Multi-agent collaborative AI and is also involved in the Human-like AI challenge. More info can be found on the program’s website.

In the context of this program, the AI Lab organized two outreach sessions aimed at industry:


Project Info

Start   01/07/2019

End     30/06/2022

Funding   EWI

Members Ann Nowé, Katrien Beuls, Bart Bogaerts, Bart de Boer, Tom Lenaerts, Geraint Wiggins