A joint initiative of 3 research groups for all services, software, advice and research related to AI.

How can AI help your company?

The Artificial Intelligence Lab provides professional services to industrial partners:

We invite you to contact us, to discuss how we can help tackle your challenges. Together we can discuss the appropriate paths to take action and find the right financial support through national or international bodies such as the Flemish FWO or VLAIO, the Brussels INNOVIRIS programmes or the European Commission. Are you as a company interested to learn more about AI, without having a specific project in mind? We are always looking for companies to help shape our research in a direction that can lead to solid valorization towards society. Please contact our business developer if you are interested in knowing more.

The Artificial Intelligence Lab, together with The Digital Mathematics group and the Data Analytics Lab, is part of the cross-faculty Artificial Intelligence Lab, a consortium of 3 VUB research groups collaborating on responsible AI.

The Artificial Intelligence Lab is also a member of Brubotics, a multidisciplinary consortium of 8 research groups of the VUB, performing research on Human Robotic technology such as exoskeletons, social robots, artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction, robotic revalidation, prosthetics, collaborative robots and many others.




European Commission

Contact our business developers.

We continuously investigate how we can help companies become more innovative and increase their excellence through the potential of AI. Contact us for training, consultancy and short or long-term collaboration through thesis students, applied PhDs or research projects.