CSAI: Cyber Security Artificial Intelligence

Funded by the innovation & entrepreneurship agency in Flanders (Vlaanderen Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen), this project aims to move beyond the stage of automated data analytics and to seek models and techniques that provide some degree of intelligence beyond this level, that can serve Cyber Security technology approaches.

Aim & Partners

Our ambition is to start from the current applications and to boldly go beyond to support Cyber Security with AI techniques for prevention, identification, protection, detection, response, mitigation, and control.

Industry partners

  • Firmalyzer focusing on device firmware security and IoT-related challenges
  • AXS Guard inspecting network traffic and integrating AI in edge devices
  • SpotIT taking the network data inspection from a Security Operations Center perspective
  • Co-Dex.eu focusing on compliance management based on governance instruments and documented processes, related to the underlying technologies

Research partners

With the CSAI project, both research and industry are aiming to use available AI technologies and advance them for Cyber Security. We are investigating the potential of the newest AI technologies, combining the best of both symbolic and subsymbolic techniques, by using a store of domain-specific knowledge, mechanisms to acquire new knowledge, and mechanisms to put that knowledge to use.

Main Topics

We will also look into the following main topics:

  • The application of novel behavioral multi-agent-based models of the Cyber Security infrastructure
  • Newer techniques based on neural networks, like generative adversarial networks, extremely relevant in the arms race context of Cyber Security
  • How we can adapt deep learning techniques, now mainly tailored for vision, to identify cyber-attacks


Project Info

Start   01/12/2020

End     01/12/2022

Funding   Vlaanderen Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen

Members Prof. Dr. Johan Loeckx, Dr. Leticia Arco García, MSc. Patrick Van der Spiegel