Healthy Food: joint project with Puratos

Support Puratos to take its commitment to Health & Well-Being solutions to the next level by implementing data science, machine learning and predictive modelling.


Changes in consumer demands towards fast, affordable and easily accessible food options have led recently to a transformation in the food and beverage industry, with market leaders leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning to scale operations and help companies to stay relevant in a dynamic market environment.


Puratos was founded in Brussels in 1919 to create, produce and sell raw materials for bakers and confectioners.

Today, the Puratos Group is a global, customer-centered organisation with more than 9000 employees worldwide, serving 4 main customer segments i.e. Artisans, Industrial manufacturers, Food service companies and Supermarkets, with a full range of innovative products and raw materials within 3 product categories: Bakery ingredients, Patisserie ingredients and Chocolate ‘Belcolade’

About the project

The Healthy Food project is a joint project with Puratos and the AI Lab of the Vub.

The general purpose of this R&D project is to develop a multi-objective predictive model to design healthier recipes for bakery and patisserie products by identifying healthy ingredients and understanding their behavior during and after backing processes, ultimately leading towards automatic recommendations for development of recipes with healthy characteristics and a more balanced nutritional profile thereby maintaining the end characteristics of the products (i.e. taste, texture and functionality).



Project Info

Start   01/10/2020

End     31/03/2023

Funding   Vlaanderen Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen

Members Prof. Dr. Johan Loeckx, Dr. Leticia Arco García, Jos Van Doorsselaere