APAX: Automated Posture Assessment that Scales

Funded by the innovation & entrepreneurship agency in Flanders (Vlaanderen Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen).

Aim & Partners

In the Automated Posture Analysis that Scales (APAX), our ambition is to apply existing ongoing research and inspire academics for future works to help automate the analysis of threats and challenges in CyberSecurity. 

Industry partners

  • Awingu is a software company based in Ghent. Founded in 2011, today it sells it’s ‘unified workspace’ solution across the globe.
  • Ceeyu is a Flemish technology and services (SaaS) company active in the field of information security and cybersecurity serving large industrial enterprises in pharmaceutical, banking, retail and e- commerce. 
  • Toreon is in essence a CyberSecurity services company considering itself as a ‘Coach in digital security’, with the intention to increase the security capabilities and expertise of its customers so they can continue without continuous advisory.

Research partners

The APAX-project has the following goals: achieving additional knowledge leading to the development of efficiency gains (Toreon, Ceeyu), new services (Awingu, Ceeyu) and new products (Ceeyu, Toreon, Awingu).

The partners fundamentally aim to further automate the process of security assessments, which are required in order to support their clients and users achieving improved CyberSecurity 

Main Topics

The research will be directed towards knowledge-driven contextual multi-armed bandits (CMABs) in the scope of automated vulnerability assessments and knowledge engineering for learning sample efficiency. Furthermore, CMABs and reinforcement learning will be applied within the context of network test prioritization and information gathering.  


Project Info

Start   01/03/2022

End     28/02/2024

Funding   Vlaanderen Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen

Members Prof. Dr. Johan Loeckx, Dr. Leticia Arco García, Dr. Corneliu Cofaru