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From fear to empowerment

Become part of VUB's AI university community and learn that AI is not an evolution to fear, but a story of opportunities that you need to embrace, to keep your mind fresh and one step ahead in the future.

Through inspirational seminars, we will demystify AI and explain what is (not yet) possible. Exciting  examples from the past will guide the seminar to demonstrate their impact on the processes and humans.

The seminars are divided in both horizontal topics (e.g. AI & ethics) as vertical ones (e.g. AI in marketing or HR) and are given by academic authorities in the respective fields.

The right technology at the right spot

Artificial Intelligence is a collection of sophisticated technologies. It is not always easy to know where to start, to identify what data is needed, and what technology to use.

During these workshops you will discover your true potential.

Competence based education

Applying AI techniques has come within reach of many due to the availability of high quality open source libraries, blogs and MOOCs.  However, the complexity of techniques and methodologies is ever increasing, and having a deep understanding of their internal working has become a necessity.

The skill trainings, provided by post-doctoral researchers in AI, provide a deep dive into the inner workings, till the mathematical, statistical, and computer scientific foundations.

After successful completion (or after examination for autodidacts / students of other trainings), you receive a certificate that states your competence.

Guidance tailored to your needs.

As a complement to the seminars & expert trainings, we help you guide you through the AI transformation  through advice and coaching.  The blended setting ensures that your learning journey happens where, when, how and at the speed you desire.

We offer a continuous follow-up programme with learning effects that last long after the training is done.  Have a personal and private conversation with an expert, based on a question formulated beforehand. 



Inspire your workforce – what is AI? How does it work? What is the impact?

Artificial Intelligence Primer
(1/2 day)

Perfect introduction to all of your employees. Explains the concepts.

Target audience: non-technical

AI - 2019 briefing
(1/2 day)

What happened in AI last quarter? What should I know? Where is technology heading?

AI technology explained (executives)
(1/2 day)

You want to understand how AI works, without diving into the mathematical details?

The impact of AI on business & society
(1/2 day)

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AI & skills of the future
(1/2 day)

Artificial Intelligence requires new skills. Obviously technical ones, due to digitization, but also soft skills as we have to learn to adapt ever faster and interact rather than command machines. This seminar sheds a light on how AI will change the skills of the future workforce.

AI and innovation
(1/2 day)

Expert trainings

Interactive hands-on training. Get familiar with AI technologies based on real-life cases.

Handling Natural language with AI
(2 days)

Reinforcement learning crash-course
(2 days)

Machine learning booster
(2 days)

Learn what machine learning is, how it works conceptually & mathematically, common techniques, opportunities & pitfalls, and where to apply it!

Deep learning dive
(2 days)

Introduction to Symbolic AI
(3 days)

Discover the potential of your company
(2 days)

Expert calls

Personal coaching & advice, delivered by an AI expert, one click away!

Plan your next step
(personalized curriculum)

Personal advice
(1-on-1 expert calls)

Answer to questions
(by phone or chat)

Scientific validation

You are running an AI project but you are not sure whether your approach is scientifically sound?

Experience centre

Visit our museum and experience centre. Come to get a sneak peek of future technologies, or if you want to be an AI algorithm. Get inspired by creative applications of AI!


Receive a certificate and a badge after successful completion of a skill training.


Come to us for a 1 to 3-month stay to get to the bottom of AI. Interact with our researchers and enjoy research meetings.

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