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Get insight into AI

3hours session organised on demand
From 8 to 12 participants
Venue at the AI Experience Centre or on your premises 

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become an AI player

Certification granted
Developed with partner institutions
Application needed to register
Price according to programme and duration

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initiations into AI for professionnals

Description and objectives

Half day session guided by an AI teacher.

An interactive initiation into AI that relies on pedagogical tools, and aims at demystifying AI and identifying the barriers, needs or opportunities that arise for your business.

  • LEARN: legal, ethical and philosophical considerations
  • DEVELOP : confronting algorithms, code and bias
  • EXPERIMENT : real-life AI demonstrations

A flexible format that allows you to learn the essential AI concepts to identify and determine your needs (recruitment, training, implementation…)

The advantages of this initiation

€ affordable price
direct contact with experts
hands-on and gamified approach
small group sessions (from 8 to 12 persons)
♥ venue in the AI Experience Centre

What do you need to know before registering

No technical or STEM background is required.

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Practical information

Description and objectives

The VUB AI lab works hands in hands with several institutions to develop AI training programmes that provide access to the tools, techniques and knowledge needed to be impactful and responsible in the field of AI.

Check the different programmes available:

Postgraduate Digital & IT Essentials developed together with Université Libre de Bruxelles
ULB - AI PostGraduate
  • From January to June 2024
  • Venue: Campus ULB and VUB
One year programme developed together with Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel
eHb - AI PostGraduate
  • Academic year 2023-2024
  • Venue: Anderlecht Campus or online
AI ACADEMY: Postgraduate “AI for the common good”
Courses and trainings on AI for the common good in society. Developed together with FARI.
  • From February to June 2024
  • Venue: FARI (BeCentral)

Customers and partners who work with us

We accompany, train and guide all types of actors: Industry, Policymakers, NGOs, Researchers and more.

Why train with the AI LAB of the VUB?

The Artificial Intelligence Lab, founded in 1983 by Prof. Dr. Luc Steels, is the first AI lab on the European mainland. It is headed by Prof. Dr. Ann Nowé and Prof. Dr. Bernard Manderick. During its history of more than three decades, the VUB AI Lab has been following two main routes towards the understanding of intelligence: both the symbolic route (classical AI) as the dynamics route (complex systems science).
Unique Expertise

The AI Lab of the VUB has developed a unique expertise in Multi-agent Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Evolutionary & Hybrid AI, Cognitive AI, Computational Creativity and Knowledge Representation & Reasoning.

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Education and Network

Since its foundation, more than 50 people have received a PhD degree at the Artificial Intelligence Lab, and the total amount of publications sums up to more than 850 publications.
The Lab has proven industrial cooperation experiences and has a well established national and international network with key universities.

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Neutral and non-political

The VUB is autonomous and managed democratically. This implies the guarantee of the exercise of fundamental freedoms within the VUB, as well as the right of the University Community to participate in decision-making in the VUB’s policies and their control.

Innovation Hub

The sessions organized as part of the AI Lifelong Learning Programme take place at the AI Experience Centre, an innovation hub located in the VUB Campus and dedicated to inspiring, learning and connecting researchers, educators, policy makers & industry.

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    Who are we?

    The lifelong learning programme of the AI LAB is supervised by Johan Loeckx.

    Johan Loeckx received a MSc. in Engineering, a MSc. in AI and a PhD from K.U.Leuven.
    Today he is assistant professor and manages the applied R&D team at the Artificial Intelligence Lab.

    All trainings are delivered by professors and/or post-doctoral researchers from the AI LAB of the VUB.