AI Experience Centre

AI Innovation Hub

The AI Experience Centre is a joint project of 4 VUB research groups: the Artificial Intelligence Lab, Brubotics, SMIT and ETRO, and is located on the VUB campus Etterbeek. It is a high-tech test, demonstration and meeting environment where companies, tech entrepreneurs, researchers, policy makers and the general public can experiment with AI and collaborate to develop and produce technological solutions. It is our ambition to develop this AI Fab Lab into a full-fledged AI Experience Center together with both industry and research partners such as IMEC, the internationally leading institute for digital innovation.

Its purpose is to be a world-renowned digital innovation hub for artificial intelligence, opening up the unique opportunities of AI and Robotics to companies, startups, non-profits and other universities and knowledge centers.

VUB is uniquely positioned to make this AI Experience Centre work: with its worldwide recognised heritage in AI since 1983, its strong interdisciplinary tradition, its central location in Belgium and Europe, and its close ties with global economic players as well as the Flanders Innovation ecosystem.

Opportunity to partner up

We are inviting companies and other research groups to join this unique initiative and become a part of this new multidisciplinary AI ecosystem.

There are multiple ways to support the AI Experience Center: you can become a structural partner of the joint R&D programme on Human AI, set up a specific innovation track with us and/or provide open infrastructure. In return, you become part of the R&D and innovation ecosystem curated by VUB and IMEC, get hands-on support for your AI innovation and strategy, find business partners, attend seminars and training sessions, increase your visibility, and have access to new AI and robotics talent.

So, let’s talk! Contact Hans De Canck by email or fill the form on the right.

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