Tom Lenaerts Presents his Work on the AI Race and its Social & Normative Impact

To regulate or not: a social dynamics analysis of the race for AI supremacy

Tom Lenaerts has shared his work with the audience at this week’s Research Meeting. The project addresses the concept of ‘AI race’ and its social and normative impact that stem from the rapid advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other intelligent technologies. The new applications drive the competition between nations, business, and regions. And what are they competing for? The answer is technological supremacy but the question is at what cost? Regulations attempting to tackle such scenarios have a setback due to the intangibility of the race. For this reason, the researchers have decided to assess the competition and eventually outline a model which also takes into account the relevance of the time-scale of the race.


Tom Lenaerts is an Associate Professor at the Unversité Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) where he leads together with Gianluca Bontempi the Machine Learning Group in the department of Computer Science. He also holds the position of a Research Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) as a member of the Artificial Intelligence Lab (AILab).  His works mainly revolve around computational biology and bioinformatics, and behavioural intelligence. Lenaerts is also a board member of the Benelux Association for the Artificial Intelligence (BNVKI). Further, he is a host for the Belgian academic AI researcher portal which serves as a single contact point to connect AI academics.

The Aritifical Intelligence Lab organizes weekly research meetings which we report on in our news sections. Next week the Lab welcomes its founder Luc Steels for a special Christmas talk on ‘The early decades of the VUB AI Lab’. Steels has earned the title of ‘Professor Emiretus’ to acknowledge his contributions to science.