Tom Lenaerts
+32 2 650 60 04
ULB Machine Learning Group, Boulevard du Triomphe CP212, Building O, 8th floor, 1050 Brussels

Tom Lenaerts



Next to my position as an Associate Professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, I’m also a Research Professor at the VUB.   My research projects are principally concerned with Computational Biology problems and this at different biological scales. 


Research projects

BRiDGEIRIS – Brussels big data platform for sharing and discovery in clinical Genomics

Coordinating Human and Agent Behaviour in Collective-Risk Scenarios

Identifying the mechanisms involved in transducing binding information through SH3-SH2 supradomains and their role in regulating the activity of members of the family of Src kinases.

Towards an understanding of the interplay between other regarding preferences and group formation in strategic environments

How do we really respond in iterated games – inferring strategies from behavioral experiments in the Prisoners Dilemma game

Adaptive Preferences for a Changing World: an AI study in the co-evolution of preferences and group formation.

Protein domains as information processing units