Lifelong Learning Partnership between Telenet, KU Leuven, VUB, ULB, and BeCode

Telenet enters into a strategic partnership with KU Leuven, VUB, ULB and BeCode to enable lifelong learning for their employees

Telenet, together with KU LeuvenVUBULB and the BeCode programming school, is setting up an ‘Academy for Digital & Data Talent’ to strengthen the digital knowledge and technical skills of their employees through initial and further training as well as retraining. By sharing knowledge and practical examples with the three universities and BeCode, the telecom company also aims to attract new, young, and talented individuals and prepare them for a career.

By doing so, the various parties involved hope to join forces in providing a concrete answer to the challenges of digitisation by countering the shortage of workers with a technical background. Telenet will invest 4 million euros in the initiative over the next 5 years. The academy is founded on a shared ideology that lifelong learning is a prerequisite if you wish to remain agile in a rapidly changing digital economy.

Romain Meeusen, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation Policy at VUB

Telenet will collaborate with the various research groups of VUB and ULB on natural language and speech recognition, transparent and ethical artificial intelligence, predictive network maintenance and operationalization of machine learning models, IoT and cybersecurity. Romain Meeusen, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation Policy at VUB, explained how this partnership will benefit the university.

“In a world where lifelong learning is becoming a concrete part of our lives, it is important that the academic world remains in touch with the needs of the industrial sector, and the opportunities offered by it.  It also feeds our research through the “research-in-residence” programme, in which we allow researchers and employees to collaborate intensively. This collaboration also allows us to hone the soft skills of our students through challenges at Telenet (dual learning).”