The past week we have welcomed Rocs Canoy, student of Prof. dr. Tias Guns from Data Analytics Lab, who shared his work on learning preferences for vehicle routing from historic solutions.

The presentation elaborated on Canoy’s investigation on a decision support system for vehicle routing which prompts the routing engine to learn from the subjective decisions made in the past by human planners instead of optimizing a distance-based objective criterion. The method offers an alternative to the practice of formulating custom Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) for each company with their own routing requirements.

The VUB Data Analytics Lab at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School is a member of the cross-faculty AI Lab doing interdisciplinary research on Artificial Intelligence. Their focus is on developing and adapting analytical tools and algorithms within the context of the application at hand by considering the operational setting, the domain expertise, and the business requirements.

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