The AI Lab welcomes Lara Verheyen. The researcher joined the Evolutionary and Hybrid AI team to complete her PhD.

Lara Verheyen is a recent addition to the AI Lab Team. She started her PhD in the Evolutionary and Hybrid AI team within the AI Lab under the supervision of Katrien Beuls. Lara’s main interests are computational linguistics and communication systems. She graduated from the KU Leuven as a Master of Arts in Linguistics in 2018 and obtained a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence with a specialization in speech and language technology in 2019.

Lara is funded by the Flemish Government under the “ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Flanders research program” (Onderzoeksprogramma Artificiële Intelligentie (AI) Vlaanderen)” programme, where she is contributing to the grand challenge on human-like artificial intelligence. Her research project focuses on acquiring domain knowledge through a natural language dialogue. The main objective consists of building a conversational agent that can interact naturally with humans and also detect and fill gaps in its own knowledge. The AI Lab is happy to receive such a talented researcher. The AI Lab welcomes Lara and looks forward to her collaboration during her research period.

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