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09:20 Conference Introduction

09:30 Artificial Intelligence: From the lab to the real world by Ann Nowé & Leander Schietgat – Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

10:20 IRIDIA: the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Université libre de Bruxelles by Cédric Gilon – CoDE-IRIDIA

11:10 The FARI Institute: Bringing together Academic experts in AI and the Brussels Region by Carl Mörch – The Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good Institute

12:00 Developing tools for the diagnosis of oligogenic diseases using machine learning by Sofia Papadimitrou – Machine Learning Group

12:50 Lunch Break

13:50 Ensuring INclusive DIgital MObility solutions through universal design by Samyajit Basu – Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre

14:40 Localization of radio-frequency transmitters by Francois Quitin – BEAMS-EE

15:30 Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning by Carmen Mazijn & Andres Algaba – Data Analytics Lab

16:20 Research at the Software Languages Lab Brussels by Wolfgang De Meuter – Software Languages Lab

17:10 End of the Conference