Unique expertise in

Multi-agent systems

Multiple interacting learning agents

Reinforcement Learning

Multi-criteria, sample-efficient RL, safe and explainable RL (XRL)

Evolutionary & Hybrid AI

Emergent communication and computational construction grammar

Cognitive AI

Human and animal cognition, (evolution of) speech

Computational Creativity

Simulation of intelligent and creative human activities on computers

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Problem-solving starting from (explicit) domain knowledge


We provide both regular and lifelong learning programmes, suited to everyones needs.

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We believe in the interplay between fundamental and applied research.

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Architecture support, Algorithm implementation, state-of-the-art, literature review, advisory board.

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Want to experience how AI works? Want to feel how an algorithm works, from the inside? Come and visit our Experience Centre!

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Who we are

The Artificial Intelligence Lab Brussels performs leading fundamental and applied research in both symbolic as subsymbolic AI. Multi-agent and cognitive approaches are a common thread throughout the years.  We strongly believe in education that pays attention to creativity, teamwork, empathy and critical thinking.

We were the first AI lab in Continental Europe, founded in 1983 by Luc Steels and have delivered more than 50 doctors, 900 publications.