VUB AI Webinar Series: Game theory and why it is important in AI

In the framework of the Flanders AI Research Program, VUB organizes a webinar series on AI. The second webinar will focus on game theory, one of the core expertises of the VUB AI Lab. It aims to engage with Flemish companies to stimulate the adoption of AI in Flanders.

When? Wednesday December 16h, 15h30-16h30
Where? If you register below, you will receive a link to follow the webinar a few days in advance. Registration is free.
Target audience: researchers and companies who want to learn more on the importance of game theory for AI


  • 15h30: Game theory and why it is important in AI (Jelena Grujic)
  • 16h15: Q&A session

Abstract: Did you ever wonder why we were able to make a computer which can beat people in Go before we could make a computer which can beat people in Poker? Go is a more complex game than Poker, yet we needed an extra skill to deal with it and that extra skill is Game Theory.

Here we will explain what is Game Theory and why it has such a wide range of applications. Then we will explain the game theory experiment with humans which we do in the AI Lab and what we can conclude about human behaviour from them. Finally we will dig deeper into some applications of Game Theory in AI. Not only can Game Theory help in tackling problems such as mitigation strategies for epidemics or climate change, it is also omnipresent in business applications such as incentive policies, business culture and politics, and marketing and pricing strategies.

Join us to dig deeper in AI and game theory!