Visiting Postdoc Position in Emergent Behavior

In the context of seed funding for AI research in Flanders prof. Bart de Boer is looking for a short term (three-six months) visiting postdoc for the origins of language group of the AI-lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels.

Position offered

We offer a three-six months visiting postdoc position funded by a scholarship and with a bench fee. The work should consist of agent-based simulation, or of experiments to investigate emergence of behavior in a cognitively realistic setting. This means that in a computer simulation, the agents are not fully rational and that they show behavior similar to that of humans, and that interests of agents are not necessarily always aligned. Experiments should focus on factors that are typical for human settings, but that are generally idealized away, such as altruism, conflicts of interests and other “non-rational” behaviors. We are most interested in modeling emergence of speech, but we welcome applications proposing other areas, such as traffic or economic interactions.

What we are looking for

We are looking for an enthusiastic postdoc with a track record in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, linguistics or equivalent and who has either experience programming agent-based or cognitive models, or who has experience with the interaction between computer models and experiments. The starting date is negotiable, and can be as early as September 2019.

How to apply

Send a recent CV, detailing your academic record and your programming experience as well as a letter of motivation to prof. Bart de Boer. Be sure to include a short (1-page) outline of your proposed project in the letter of motivation, as well as a short planning. At this stage we ask you not to send copies of your diplomas or letters of reference. These we will request directly if we decide to further pursue your application, If you have any questions please email prof. Bart de Boer.