Several months have been dedicated to the development of the AI Experience Centre. 200 AI-related researchers from four research groups have joined forces to conceptualize a space where the VUB can demystify and showcase both the opportunities and the dangers of AI to the general public, the industry, and the policy makers. The AI Lab together with ETRO Group, Brubotics, and SMIT are now formally launching the AI Experience Centre; turning a concept into realization. 

The Centre caters to the needs of industry, policy makers, researchers, and non-profit organisations as well as the general public. Its primary mission is to spur discussions about AI and its role in our society, and experience AI first-hand through interaction with the 15+ demonstrators.  

It also serves as a platform for ethical and regulatory debates and allows visitors to take a glimpse into both the past and future of Artificial Intelligence. The AI Experience Centre brings together all the different research expertise available at VUB, ranging from law, ethics to technology. Its ambition is to become the AI hub within Brussel to strengthen collaboration between Belgium’s research institutes and innovation hubs.

The official opening of the AI Experience Centre takes place on the 21st of November 2019.