Hybrid AI

for mapping between natural language utterances and their executable meanings

In this project, we propose a system that brings together three properties of human intelligence: perception, natural language and reasoning. We build general, open-ended, and explainable systems that incorporate both visual input and world knowledge. The system maps natural language utterances onto a (semantic) representation that is directly executable on images or knowledge bases. The (semantic) representation is thus a program, composed of a number of modular skills also called primitive operations. The system actively tries to recombine its acquired skills to solve a given task. We design the system according to a novel hybrid approach that brings together symbolic and sub-symbolic computation, combining their strengths. This is realized through the implementation of the primitive operations. While sub-symbolic operations are good at handling complex data, such as images, symbolic operations excel at higher-level reasoning tasks. We validate these systems on several tasks, including visual question answering and grounded dialogue systems, and propose an innovative application in the form of intelligent safety assistants.


Project Info

Start   01/01/2019

End     31/12/2022

Funding   FWO

Members Jens NevensKatrien Beuls