AI challenges 2020

18/05/2020 @ 16:00 - 17:30Free
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It’s that time of the year: AI Challenges 2020! The students of the “Current Trends in AI” course (given by Prof. Johan Loeckx of the VUB AI Lab) have been working on 5 promising projects and are eager to share! They will demonstrate their prototypes online this year due to COVID19 measures. The details of the Zoom meeting are shared after registration.

  1. Constraint Cracker — Explore the far corners of the world in this educative puzzle game, where using your wit is key in solving all the levels. Analyse the situation and find the optimal combinations of constraints to apply.Become a constraint master and solve problems faster than ever before!
  2. EyeDrone — They are using a drone to assist visually impaired people to find objects int the street. It is possible to give commands, and the drone will respond accordingly.
  3. ScaraBax — A software designed to automatically sort items when coupled with a physical robot. The software uses state of the art methods in object detection to determine the item to be sorted and gesture recognition to determine user input. This robot could potentially be employed in any setting where automatic sorting is a factor.
  4. IOWA — A system designed to recommend events to Brussels residents. This system quickly learns what the users are interested in and it makes sure that they never miss their favourite events.
  5. ICU-cockpit — A system that is more user friendly for intensive care units with respect to the briefing and the shift exchange. During a very informative tour at the intensive care unit of the UZ Brussel, they were allowed to attend a briefing. The software used for displaying patient data is not ideal for a briefing, it contained an overload if information and was user heavy. Professor Malbrain, head of the ICU, tasked them to develop this system.

This is the perfect opportunity to meet the students, discover their work, exchange & be inspired, specially during COVID19 lockdown!

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16:00 - 17:30
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