Artificial Intelligence Programming Paradigms

Katrien Beuls, Paul Van Eecke
Course description
Course Content:
  • This course covers some of the most central topics in symbolic AI programming, including unification, problem solving through search, heuristics and computational reflection. These topics are studied from the perspective of computational construction grammar, which applies AI techniques to the study of natural languages. In this course you will gain a deep understanding of fundamental AI concepts, which will enable you to build intelligent systems. 

    You will learn AI programming through the framework of Fluid Construction Grammar (FCG), which developed by the VUB AI Lab in collaboration with Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris. FCG has been applied to a multiplicity of AI tasks, ranging from planning to musical analysis. In this course, we focus on modelling linguistic expressions and their meaning, and how to map between them in language comprehension and production.

Learning Outcomes:
  • The student has an extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of the basic concepts of symbolic AI programming.
  • Practical hands-on experience
  • The student not only has theoretic knowledge of the topics under consideration but also practical hands-on experience. 

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