VUB AI Experience Center with Fab Lab, training and service center

The VUB AI LAB will soon launch the first AI Fab Lab, a high-tech playground where researchers, students and SME employees/tech entrepreneurs can collaborate to develop and produce local technological solutions to local problems. Typically, Fab Labs are workshops that promote “open source hardware” access.


The AI Fab Lab has as its purpose to build prototypes of AI systems, always fostering both data-driven machine learning as well as semantic technologies that support knowledge-based AI. Experienced AI developers will be able to assist individuals by giving hands-on tutorials on popular machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow or PyTorch, NLP packages to build custom-tailored chatbots, or introduce them into semantic web technologies such as DBPedia or Babelnet for linking language with knowledge representation.

Apart from technological support and a creative and stimulating infrastructure that stimulates both learning and playing, the AI Fab Lab will ask companies to provide physical prototyping gadgets, sensors and robots so that the "fabricated'' AI systems can be in real-world settings. Naturally, the necessary computing infrastructure (high-performance clusters with GPUs) will be set up to train and store the models.

The AI Fab Lab in Brussels aspires to be a model for many other Flemish cities, to also set up their own AI Fab Labs to stimulate and support local AI development.

In order to realise this ambitious idea we are looking for partners that share our enthousiasm. The partners we are looking for will act as sponsors to help and lift this idea off the ground and set up a lab with all the neccessary equipment to carry out fascinating projects!