AI challenges

Current trends

With new technologies emerging their wings, Artificial Intelligence has made a significant breakthrough in rencent years. you have observed an exponential upthrust in applications, tools, and platforms assembled on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. These technologies not just left an impression on software or the internet trade but also other dimensions of health-care, agriculture, manufacturing, and many more. Here are some of the artificial intelligence challenges in current trends:

  • The rise and rise of voice search and smart speakers
  • Convergence of Blockchain, IoT (Internet Of Things) with AI
  • Automatic Machine Learning Will Be The Next High Point
  • Computer vision will shape the future of surveillance
  • Ethics will increasingly be ‘baked into’ AI

Artificial Intelligence is an intrinsically interdisciplinary research field, requiring students and researchers to be open-minded, but also critical of the results of algorithms.

In the “AI challenges”, organized within the context of the “Current Trends in AI” course, we give special attention to students to learn how to code AI, integrate it in a product, and get feedback from real end-users.