ABACUS – Projects

ABACUS: Advancing Behavioral and Cognitive Understanding of Speech is a research group that combines AI, linguistics and cognitive science, headed by Bart de Boer.


FWO predoctoral fellowship fundamental research (2020-2024): Identifying drivers of language change using neural agent-based models

AI Flanders project (2019-2022): Multi-Agent Collaborative AI, WP3 Hybrid Multi-Agent Systems for Collective Action (more information: project document p. 9)

ERC Proof of Concept: AI-CU : Automated Improvement of Continuous User interfaces.


FWO project: The emergence of phonology within six generations

FWO project: Speech recognition based on human signal recognition and dynamic Bayesian networks

(FINISHED) FWO predoctoral fellowship: Data mining continuous speech: Modeling infant speech acquisition by extracting building blocks and patterns in spoken languageĀ 

(FINISHED 2017) Advancing behavioral and cognitive understanding of speech (ABACUS)

(FINISHED 2015) A Cognitive and Computational Investigation of Combinatorial Speech