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ABACUS: Advancing Behavioral and Cognitive Understanding of Speech is a research group that combines AI, linguistics and cognitive science, headed by Bart de Boer.

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Software packages

Parselmouth A Python library for the Praat software, allowing for speech analysis in Python. Developed by Yannick Yadoul. [website] [github]

Code from papers

Word prediction in computational historical linguistics This is a Jupyter notebook and Python library to demonstrate the use of word prediction using deep learning as an aid in historical linguistics. This notebook accompanies the following paper: Dekker, P., & Zuidema, W. (2021). Word Prediction in Computational Historical Linguistics. Journal of Language Modelling, 8(2), 295–336. The results yielded by this demonstrational notebook may differ somewhat from the results in the article. [github]
Agent-based model using Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs) Master thesis project by Joni Muyshondt. [github]
Reimplementation of Oudeyer (2005) “The self-organization of speech sounds” Bachelor thesis project by Flynn Steppe. The results of the Oudeyer (2005) are not fully replicated. [github]