• January 2011: New article in New Journal of Physics, entitled "Selection pressure transforms the nature of social dilemmas in adaptive networks", authored by myself, Francisco C. Santos, Tom Lenaerts and Jorge M. Pacheco. (Abstract) (PDF)
  • November 2010: New article in Adaptive Behavior, entitled "Learning to coordinate in complex networks", authored by myself, Steven de Jong, Ann Now√©, Francisco C. Santos and Tom Lenaerts. (Abstract) (PDF)
  • September 2010: New article in Games, entitled "Coevolution of cooperation, response to adverse social ties and network structure", authored by myself, Francisco C. Santos, Jorge M. Pacheco and Tom Lenaerts. (Abstract) (PDF)
  • August 2010: New article in PLoS Computational Biology, entitled "Adaptive contact networks change effective disease infectiousness and dynamics", authored by myself, Francisco C. Santos and Jorge M. Pacheco. (Abstract) (PDF)
    Featured in the media and on Dutch national radio BNR Nieuwsradio !
  • June 2010: Received the FNRS fellowship "Charg√© de recherches".
  • April 2010: Obtained Ph.D. in Computer Science at VUB with a thesis entitled "Complex dynamics in adaptive networks".