Relationship between lyrics & melody throughout the ages

Research Question

What relationship does there exist between the lyrics (content, prononciation, morphology, ...) and melody of a song?  Are there cultural differences? Does it depend on the musical style (pop vs. classical)? Are there temporal trends?


What touches us the most in a pop song? Is it the melody or the lyrics, or both? How does the melody interact with the melody?  Have songs with sad lyrics, different melodies? And has this link always been so obvious throughout the ages? (e.g. in opera) What factors possibly explain these differences, if any?

In this thesis, the goal is to shine some light on this topic through the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques and to interprete the results based on song style, genre, era, and possible other characteristics. 


10% literature study
40% analysis & approach
50% implementation


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Please bear in mind that this description is just a starting point and that personal input is more than welcome!