Younes Zeboudj

Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Brussels, 3rd floor

Younes Zeboudj

PhD Student


PhD student at the AI Lab of Vrije University Brussel, with prof. Bart Bogaerts, on Distributed Data Intelligence.

My research focuses on Multi-Agents & Linked data technologies. We work on different sides of the problem : communication between agents, data integration, data relevancy and agents rationality.  I studied Msc. degree in Artificial Intelligence (USTHB univ. / Algeria)  where I wrote my first paper about Belief Revision. Thereafter, I studied my second Msc. degree about Machine Learning for Data Science (Paris Descartes univ. / France), where I worked on SEO, SEA optimization, web traffic & keyword value predictions using Web Scraping and Random Forest for models learning.

My Bachelor degree was about multiple computer science’s theories and techs, I got interested in the field of study, which let me acquire & improve my skills on web/software development, networking concepts and some system administrations.