Management Meeting

On october 25, a Management meeting took place at the V.U.B. This was the occasion to present the many new researchers who joined the team. We heartly welcome

  • Christophe De Troyer, whose expertise lays in Distributed systems and Network-centric communication
  • Frederik Ruelens, who has in-depth knowledge about Demand Response, batch Reinforcement Learning and Smart Grids
  • Miguel Camelo. He previously worked on Optimization, Routing and Reinforcement Learning
  • Mihail Mihaylov. His areas of work include Smart Grids, Decentralized Coordination and Reinforcement Learning
  • Nathan Behar, who did research on Smart Meters, Support Vector Machines, Electronics
  • Peter, whose input will be valuable in the context of Healthcare and Context Dissemination 
  • Roxana Radulescu's domain of expertise include Multi-agent Systems, Reinforcement Learning and Machine Learning
  • Stefano Petrangeli, who previously worked on Adaptive Streaming and Reinforcement Learning

As you can see, we have a diverse set of expert knowledge. All those different viewpoints will prove valuable for a smooth progress on the Smile-IT project. Most researchers worked at some point on Reinforcement Learning, a paradigm which we deem crucial to solve the problems takled by Smile-IT.