Within the Computer Modeling Group there is a growing interest in bioinformatics. Due to its participation in the inSilico Project, a large content of expert-curated microarray data is available for analysis. Examples of this large-scale analysis are the identification of stable genes and the application of feature selection/extraction techniques for the identification of biomarkers. Additional interest goes to the different data merging methods one can use to combine multiple public available microarray studies.

Intelligent Language Tutoring

An intelligent language tutoring system (ILTS) is an AI based system that provides customized instructions or direct feedback to students while they are practising their language skills. An ILTS generally supports the idea of "learning by doing", and often does not explicitly state the linguistic rules that support a particular pattern. Recently, the AI Lab's language game framework has been applied in the field of language tutoring where students play language games with a tutor, that can monitor their performance and modify the pace of the games accordingly.

Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is a network of suppliers, factories, warehouses, distribution centres and retailers through which raw materials are acquired, transformed and delivered to customers. Supply chain management (SCM) focuses heavily on collaboration with customers and suppliers to establish and manage an effective supply network. SCM encompasses the process of planning, implementing and controlling the operations of the supply chain with the purpose to satisfy customer requirements as effectively as possible and thus to increase the profit of each company that is involved.

Telecom networks

Wireless Sensor Networks

A Wireless Sensor Network is a collection of small autonomous devices (or nodes), which gather environmental data with the help of sensors. These battery-powered nodes use radio communication to transmit sensor measurements to a terminal node (or sink). Due to the small transmission range of individual nodes, a multi-hop communication protocol allows data packets to be forwarded by neighboring nodes to the sink.