Past Master Theses at the AI Lab

Below is an (incomplete) selection of recent master's dissertations at the AI lab.


  • Manon Legrand. Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Control among Human Drivers. 2017. Supervisors: Ann Nowé, Tom Lenaerts, Advisors: Roxana Rădulescu, Diederik M. Roijers. [pdf]
  • Yannick Merckx. Canvas Based Authentication Methods with Deep Learning. 2017. Supervisor: Ann Nowe, Advisor: Kyriakos Efthymiadis [project page]
  • Arno Moonens. Knowledge Transfer in Deep Reinforcement Learning. 2017. Supervisor: Peter Vrancx [project page]


  • Yoni Pervolarakis. Unsupervised Feature Extraction for Reinforcement Learning.  2016. Supervisor: Peter Vrancx [pdf]
  • Youri Coppens. Combining Feature Extraction Pipelines for Deep Reinforcement Learning. 2016. Supervisor: Peter Vrancx
  • Ruben Verreecken. Dealing with the Dimension of Time in Deep Reinforcement Learning. 2016. Supervisor: Peter Vrancx.[pdf]




  • Roxana Rădulescu, Simulating the Shift towards Semantic Gender in Dutch: A Multi-agent Language Game Approach. 2015. Supervisor: Katrien Beuls, Remi van Trijp [pdf]
  • Timothy Verstraeten, Modeling Exoskeleton-Assisted Human Motion Using Gaussian Processes. 2015. Supervisor: Anna Harutyunyan, Ann Nowe [pdf]




  • Quentin De Clerck, Analyzing and Benchmarking Genomic Preprocessing and Batch Effect Removal Methods in Big Data Infrastructure. 2014. Supervisor: Ann Nowe, Alain Coletta. [pdf]
  • Pieter Libin, Applying graphical modeling techniques to virological data. 2014. Supervisor: Ann Nowé. Advisors: Kristof Theys, Lize Cuypers.



  • Nick Van Den Steen, Application of Machine Learning in a Turn-Based Strategy Game. 2013. Supervisor: Ann Nowe. Advisor: Peter Vrancx
  • Steven Adriaensen, Robust Domain-Independent Heuristic Optimization, 2013. Supervisor: Ann Nowe. Advisor: Tim Brys.
  • Felipe Marulanda, Interpreting EEG Signals Using Artificial Intelligence, 2013. Supervisor: Ann Nowe. Advisors: Y-M. De Hauwere, Peter Vrancx.



2011 - 2012

  • Stijn Doeraene, Adaptive Heuristics, 2012. Supervisor: Bernard Manderick. Advisor: David Catteeuw. [pdf]
  • Nguyen Giap Cu, Distributed Algorithms for Multi-agent Scheduling Problems, 2012. Supervisors: Ann Nowé, Peter Vrancx
  • Gilles Schtickzelle, Dynamic Task Allocation in a Turn Based Strategy Game, 2012. Supervisor: Ann Nowé. Advisor: Peter Vrancx. [pdf, presentation]
  • Wolney Mello Neto, Social Recommender Systems, 2012. Supervisor: Ann Nowé.
  • Thiago Mendonca, Machine Learning for Battle Strategies in Turn Based Strategy Games, 2012. Supervisor: Ann Nowé. Advisor: Peter Vrancx
  • Guy Nagels, Use of Artificial Neural Networks in the Diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome in Schizophrenic patients. Supervisor: Ann Nowé.



2010 - 2011

  • Tim Brys, Local Coordination and Adaptive Strategies in Robot Soccer, 2011. Supervisor: Ann Nowé. Advisors: Yann-Michael De Hauwere, Peter Vrancx. [pdf]
  • Maarten Devillé, Machine Learning for Wireless Sensor Networks, 2011. Supervisor: Ann Nowé. Advisor: Yann-Ael Le Borgne. [pdf]
  • Kevin Van Vaerenbergh, Improving Clutch Engagement with Reinforcement Learning, 2011. Supervisor: Ann Nowé. Advisor: Matteo Gagliolo. [pdf]
  • Kristof Van Moffaert, Load Allocation in Transportation Logistics using Machine Learning Techniques, 2011. Supervisor: Ann Nowé. Advisors: Bert Van Vreckem, Mihail Mihailov. [pdf]