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Hillewaere, R., Manderick, B., & Conklin, D.. (In Press). Alignment methods for folk tune classification. Post-proceedings of The 36th Annual Conference of the German Classification Society on Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery. Hildesheim, Germany.
Farid, D. Md. (2016). An adaptive rule-based classifier for mining big biological data. (B. Manderick & Nowe, A., M. Abdullah Al-Mamun)Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier, 64. doi:
Farid, D. Md. (2016). Combining Boosting and Active Learning for Mining Multi-Class Genomic Data. In A. Nowé, B. Manderick, 25th Belgian-Dutch Conference on Machine Learning (Benelearn). presented at the 09/2016, Kortrijk, Belgium.
Marques, T., & Beuls, K.. (2016). A Construction Grammar Approach to Pronominal Clitics in European Portuguese. In Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language. Springer.
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Farid, D. Md. (2016). An ensemble clustering for mining high-dimensional biological big data. (B. Manderick, A. Nowé)International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, 11(3).
Farid, D. Md. (2016). An ensemble clustering for mining high-dimensional biological big data. In A. Nowe, B. Manderick, International Conference on Big Data. presented at the 05/2016, Alicante, Spain.
Farid, D. Md. (2016). Ensemble of trees for classifying high-dimensional imbalanced genomic data. In A. Nowe, B. Manderick, IEEE SAI Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys 2016). presented at the 09/2016, London, UK.
Farid, D. Md. (2016). A Feature Grouping Method for Ensemble Clustering of High-Dimensional Genomic Big Data. In A. Nowé, B. Manderick, IEEE Future Technologies Conference . presented at the 12/2016, San Francisco, United States.
Verstraeten, T., Vrancx, P., & Nowé, A.. (2016). Fleet Reinforcement Learning Using Dependent Gaussian Processes. In Learning, Inference and Control of Multi-Agent Systems.
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Grau, I., Sengupta, D., Daneels, D., Croes, D., Farid, D. Md., Bonduelle, M., et al.. (2016). Genomic Variant Classifier Tool. In SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2016. presented at the 09/2016, London, UK.
Daneels, D., Grau, I., Sengupta, D., Bonduelle, M., Farid, D. Md., Nowé, A., & Van Dooren, S.. (2016). GEVACT : GENOMIC VARIANT CLASSIFIER TOOL. First Joint Meeting BeSHG / NVHG - Genetics & Society . presented at the 02/2016.
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Verstraeten, T., Rădulescu, R., Jadoul, Y., Jaspers, T., Conjaerts, R., Brys, T., et al.. (2016). Human Guided Ensemble Learning in StarCraft. 16th Adaptive and Learning Agents Workshop (ALA 2016).
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