Master Thesis Proposals 2018-2019


 Starting from Monday, May 23th, at 16:00, all the master thesis topics will be available at

A partial list of past dissertations at the lab is available here.

Please note that you are expected to write a thesis in the area of the specialization/profile you have chosen or will choose for your master's degree: for example, students of the Artificial Intelligence profile are expected to write a thesis on an artificial intelligence topic. In principle, it is also possible to propose your own topic, but you will still need to find a researcher to guide you with your thesis, whose area of expertise should match your topic.


Students from the one year Master Toegepaste Informatica are supposed to do their thesis in a company or together with a company. VUB professors can take the role of internal promoters. Please contact Johan Loeckx for information on collaborations between the AI lab and industry.