Peter McBurney inaugural speech (Vloebergh chair)

The VUB has appointed the Vloeberghsleerstoel 2015-2016 to Peter McBurney, head of the Department of Informatics, King’s College, London, UK.

The inaugural lecture "What are models for? The nature of modeling and simulation" takes place on Friday 26th of February, at 4pm in aula Q.B of the VUB-Etterbeek Campus

Attendance is free, however we kindly ask you to register at


The lecture is the first in a series of five:
  1. 26/2 4:00pm (Aula Q.B) "What are models for? The nature of modeling and simulation"
  2. 11/3 1:30pm (L2.210) "Modeling complex, adaptive systems of intelligent entities"
  3. 15/4 1:30pm (L2.210) "Networks and their impacts"
  4. 6/5 1:30pm (L2.210) "Modeling trust and deception"
  5. 20/5 1:30pm (L2.210) "Consensus in trust less networks: blockchains and distributed ledgers"