The future of embodied AI

On 5 December 2014 you can join us in Leuven in the celebration of the famous Belgian anatomist Vesalius (born 500 years ago) with a Round Table about the role of embodiment in AI, followed by a performance of the tragi-comic opera Casparo, composed by AI pioneer Luc Steels and premiered at IJCAI Barcelona in 2011. This is a unique chance to discuss the future of AI and see a playful pastiche of a baroque opera, featuring a robot Casparo that surpasses human intelligence – albeit it in an unexpected way. The event takes place 5 december 2014 in Leuven, starting at 4 pm (for the round table) and 8:30 pm (for the opera).

The Round Table is free BUT YOU NEED TO REGISTER. For the Opera, BNAIC members get a special discount: 20 eu (regular price is 25 eu) and for students: 15 eu. The Round Table is in Dutch and the opera is in Italian with Dutch and English subtitles.

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