ECAL Satellite workshop on Alife Approaches to Artificial Language Evolution

The winner of the best presentation award Francesca Tria

The AAALE 2011 workshop was a great success thanks to all the speakers, demonstrators and participants! The full program, award list and pictures can be found on the AAALE website.
This workshop has brought together researchers that are attempting to simulate the emergence and cultural evolution of communication systems with properties similar to those found in human natural languages. The workshop in particular focused on experiments that use physically embodied humanoid robots and target communication systems that exhibit grammatical structure and involve rich grounded conceptualizations of the world co-evolving with language. A typical example would be an experiment in which autonomous robots evolve a spatial language to express spatial relations and perspective reversal or an experiment in which a case grammar emerges for expressing the role of participants in events, or an experiment in which a system of determiners arises to refer to sets of objects in the shared context of two situated communicating agents.