Conference on Opinion DYnamics and Cultural Conflict in EUropean Space

The lab is co-organising the 1st Odycceus conference on Opinion DYnamics and Cultural Conflict in EUropean Space from 18-22 June in Leipzig.  

The ODYCCEUS project is part of European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project seeks conceptual breakthroughs in Global Systems Science, including a fine-grained representation of cultural conflicts based on conceptual spaces and sophisticated text analysis, extensions of game theory to handle games with both divergent interests and divergent mindsets, and new models of alignment and polarization dynamics.

The conference will cover all topics that we are working on in the project ranging from game theory, over opinion dynamics modeling up to natural language processing and opinion mapping. There will be sessions on projective game theory, frames alignment and polarization, conceptual spaces for political communication or precision language analysis for argument mining.

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