Pieter Libin

Postal address:

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Artificial Intelligence Lab
Pleinlaan 2
Building G, 10th floor
1050 Brussels

Room: 730A
Phone: +32 2 629 34 43

I am a PhD student at the department of computer science of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels, Belgium), under the supervision of Prof. Ann Nowé and co-supervision of Prof. Philippe Lemey (KU Leuven—University of Leuven) and Prof. Bernard Manderick. 

In my research, I investigate the use of epidemiological models to study epidemics of persistent infectious diseases (e.g. HIV, human papilloma virus, hepatitis C virus). I will apply machine-learning techniques to find optimal preventive strategies in such models. This research will support public health efforts to reduce the prevalence of pathogens causing persistent infectious diseases.


Here are some of my selected publications. You can also take a look at the complete list of my publications.