Matteo Gagliolo

Matteo Gagliolo is a former member of the lab who is no longer affiliated with the VUB AI Lab.

I was a post-doc researcher here at the AI lab, from April 2010 to March 2012. I worked at the LeCoPro project, funded by the IWT. Before that, I got my PhD at IDSIA, with a thesis on algorithm portfolios. I am currently at ULB, affiliated with GERME (Inst. of Sociology) and MLG (Dept. of Informatics).

My research interests include:

  • Single and multi-agent reinforcement learning, multi-armed bandit problems, online learning.
  • Social learning, evolutionary game theory, complex dynamic networks, social networks.
  • Recurrent artificial neural networks, neuroevolution and evolutionary computation in general.
  • Static and dynamic algorithm portfolios, restart strategies, meta-learning, algorithm selection.
  • Survival and multilevel analysis methods for algorithm performance modeling.