Digital Mathematics

Postal address:

Digital Mathematics (DIMA) specializes in applied mathematics based on a solid foundation of interplay with various areas of pure mathematics. We focus on the mathematical foundations for digital data representation, analysis, communication and security.

Research Tracks:

  • Harmonic and wavelet analysis
  • Sparse representations and other dimensionality reduction techniques
  • Computational aspects of parameter estimates in data-drivenĀ applications
  • Mathematical aspects of AI
  • Coding theory
  • Homomorphic, chaos and post-quantum cryptography


  • Digital forensics, i.e. retrieving evidence for surmises on digital data
  • Quality assessment of digital images
  • Digital painting analysis
  • Fractional order time series analysis originating from fractionalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes for dielectric spectroscopy
  • Privacy in distributed networks and cloud computing
  • Development and security of high-speed key distribution using chaos synchronisation of photonics sources