Declarative Programming

  • HOC: Friday 8-10 (E.0.07 - except week 26: G.6.308)
  • WPO: Friday 10-12 (E.1.5 MAC - except week 35: E.1.4)

To introduce the theory and practice of declarative programming and develop this knowledge to an advanced level.


This course explores the use of "declarative languages" for programming. Such programming languages enable specifying the characteristics of a solution to a problem, rather than specifying the steps that have to be followed to come to this solution. The system itself will find the solution using a general-purpose problem solving procedure. In most declarative programming languages, the problem is specified by means of assertions in a logic. The problem solving strategy is a proof procedure which can be queried for answers that follow from the assertions. We will explore the theoretical underpinnings of the declarative programming paradigm, the diveristy among the programming languages that different logics and proof procedures gives rise to and their applications in the domain of artificial intelligence for which they are particulary well-suited.

The official course description can be found here.
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