Current Trends in Artificial Intelligence


The course takes place Friday from 13:30 till 15:30 at the IRIDIA Lab @ the ULB Solbosch campus in the second semester.

The start-up labs (programming assignment) will take place during the first and the second semester.


External lecturer: 
Hugues Bersini
  • The student is able to participatie actively in a scientific debate.
  • The student is aware of current trends in Artificial Intelligence en has the competence to judge different approaches and technologies.
  • The student can enumerate strengths and weaknesses of different AI technologies and under what circumstances they can be applied.
  • The student will also learn about open research questions to stimulate their own explorations in the field.

This course is given together with the IRIDIA Lab at the ULB. Different (international) guest lecturers with an expertise in AI will give a talk about their current work in AI. 

  • Attendance in the lectures is obliged (friday afternoon). Each absence needs to be e-mailed beforehand.
  • 60% of the grades come from a programming assignment.
  • The other 40% come from an oral exam about the lectures.

The course starts at 13:30.

  1. 16/2 Hugues Bersini (ULB)
  2. 23/2 Volker Strobel (ULB)
    • ​topic: Blockchain technology
    • materials: slides
  3. 2/3 Guillaume Levasseur (ULB)
    • ​topic:  Big data
    • materials: slides
  4. 9/3 Raphael Gyory (ULB)
    • ​topic: AI and law
    • materials:notes (no slides were presented)
  5. 16/3 Jelena Grujic (VUB)
    • topic: Game theory and its application in AI
    • materials: slides
  6. 23/3 Tony Belpaeme (UGent)
    • topic: Social robotics: from the quirky to the useful
    • materials: slides
  7. 20/4 Felipe Gomez (VUB)
    • ​topic: 
    • materials: slides
  8. 27/4 Jos Polfliet (Faction XYZ)
    • topic: How and why AI is used at large companies
    • materials: slides
  9. 4/5 Hugues Bersini
  10. 18/5 Johan Loeckx (VUB)
    • topic: AI in education
    • materials: slides