Speedy Projects


Headquarters: room D1.05

Participants: Sanja, Francesca, Viktoras, Iván, Carlos

Words: Sex, remote, the concept of garden

Title: The Garden of Spes

Abstract: We produced a play in order to communicate  the idea of recombination in 3 minutes aimed for general audience. At the beginning of time GenomeZero was the leading agent that ruled the universe as we know it. Nonetheless, during though times his power decreased and Genome & Genoma new heroes popped up in the play of life  avoiding stagnation and bringing variety to the universe.



Headquarters: room D1.08

Participants: Leto, Cecilia, Ioannis, Fernando


Title: The robustness of wikipedia pages to alien invasions

Abstract: Online collaborative environments are gaining more significance in the way that knowledge is produced nowadays. We would like to analyse the robustness of this new media to perturbations of varying magnitude. To study this, we propose to analyse the recovery rate of wikipedia pages from artificial induced lies of various sizes. The goal of this work is to relate page activity statistics (e.g. history of edits, reverts, views etc.) to the recovery profile. We hope to find which are the factors that determine the stability of a wikipedia page content



Headquarters: room D2.10

Participants: Claire, Brais, Zoran, Dipankar, Jean-Sebatien

Words: chocolate, Astrology, socialization

Title: Impact of Astrology on social behaviour of chocolate consumption

Abstract: It's already a set notion that Chocolates tend to improve the mood of a person when they are in a negative state. Everybody has not the same preference of chocolates. But can we say this habit is linked with the zodiac and set of planetary motion?



Headquarters: room D2.13

Participants: Alberto, Riccardo, Marta, Ashwin

Words: Behavioural manipulation, fear, spaghetti

Title: No Religion without Fear. The case of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Abstract: What really drives religion? We propose an experiment to understand whether fear alone is enough to create a religion.