Casparo at La Maison Rouge in Paris, September 2011

Casparo was performed at La Maison Rouge in Paris on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris. We are grateful to Mario Tokoro for making the laboratory and this event possible.

Title roles in this production were Inès Moraleda (Rosalinda), Bevery Green (Casparo) and Pablo López (Graziano). Joan Baptista Mora (tenor) completed the chorus. Elisa’s voice was performed by Katrien Beuls (Barcelona) and Oscar Vilarroya (Paris).

Casparo was produced by Marta Vaquer.  Robotics and Visualisation by Michael Spranger assisted by Sebastian Hoefer, Video materials by Lara Mennes and Carl Jacobs. Orchestra for Paris Performance:  Oriol Algueró Cama, Sergi Alpiste Gómez, Javier Ulises Illán Ortiz, Jan Omedes Casacuberta, Anna Aldomà Caus, Albert Madero Delgado, Griselda Massagué Buisan, Alvaro Rosso Vera, José Manuel Leal Gómez, Guillem Borras Garriga, Bernat Farreras, Jaume Sancho Santaloni

Remi van Trijp and Oscar Vilarroya did the English translation and van Trijp managed the subtitles during both performances.