EGT: from Biology to Social Systems

Satellite workshop at CCS 2016
Amsterdam. 20th of September, 2016


The main aim of the satellite is to gather scholars belonging to different fields of complex systems under the interdisciplinary subject of evolutionary game theory. Evolutionary game theory (EGT) brings together evolutionary principles from biology with concepts of classical game theory. EGT does not need the assumption of rationality and it describes the dynamics and the evolution of the system.

This methodology has been fruitful in modelling complex systems in different fields, spanning from biology to sociology and economy. The intrinsic interdisciplinarity of EGT allows researchers with different backgrounds and points of view to find a broad set of tools useful for solving problems that they face in their respective research areas.

This satellite will be the first event organized during an edition of CCS entirely focused on EGT and its applications.


Keynote speakers

Yamir Moreno                 

Francisco C. Santos  


Organizing committee

Alberto Antonioni                   

Marco A. Javarone
Luis A. Martinez-Vaquero


Program committee

Francesco Caravelli

Alessio Cardillo

Tom Lenaerts

Sandro Meloni

Matjaz Perc

Anxo Sánchez

Tiziano Squartini

Attila Szolnoki

Marco Tomassini