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RoboCup is an international robotics competition aimed at developing autonomous robotic soccer players. The goal of the project is to develop a robot soccer team (by mid-21st century) that can beat the human World Cup Winners. RobCup offers several leagues in which participants can compete:

Learning In Robosoccer

The robosoccer environment is often used as a testing ground for AI techniques. Here we list some notable research:


  • TechUnited Simulator: simulator developed by the TechUnited team of TU/Eindhoven. Can be used to develop strategies for the Turtle bots used by the team.
  • SoccerBots: Basic high level java robosoccer simulator. Easy to use.
  • SimSpark: Simulator used by the RoboCup 3D simulation league.
  • Soccer Server: the official simulator for the RoboCup 2D simulation league.

Team Code and Binaries


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