Newbie Guide for the Khepera III

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Welcome to this newbie guide, written also by absolute n00bs, so if we understand it, so should you. One important message. This is no troubleshooting guide. It naively assumes that the robot is working. In case of error, refer to a different part of this wiki.

Getting the Khepera to run the built-in demo

First thing: switch on the robot. The switch is located under the robot and conveniently labelled "On/Off", where "On" denotes on :)... The robot is finished booting once all the lights at the back (the red ones on the robot as well as the blue and orange one on the wireless card) are illuminated.


Connect to the robot by the following commands in the console:

k3go +3

The '+3' is the last digit of the robot's IP address on the local network, i.e., the 'x' in '192.168.0.x'. If all is well, there is a small sticker with the IP address on the underside of the robot. Otherwise, 2, 3, and 4 are good guesses.

mount -a

This command connects the robot to a (large) repository of programs available on the host PC (i.e., the one you are sitting at). The mount is available as a directory; go there. If the mount fails, check the IP address of the host PC and open (on the robot) the file /etc/fstab (and edit the IP address of the PC there).

cd /mnt/cifs/Programs

Move move move

Now, first you have to initialize the motors.

cd motor_initialize

The program should report that both motors are now initialized. You can now run a program with which to control the robot with the arrow keys.

cd ..
cd motion_arrowkeys

Beware that the robot does not fall off the table!

You control the robot with W (accelerate), X (slow down), A (turn left), D (turn right), S (stop). Not exactly the arrow keys, we know :)

Controlling the Khepera in your software

There is some basic info in Bob's SetUp Guide.