KER Special Issue on Adaptive and Learning Agents

Guest Editors: Peter Vrancx, Enda Howley and Matt Knudson

The Knowledge Engineering Review , Cambridge Journals, Volume 31 (Issue 2),
Print scheduled for March, 2016.


The field of Adaptive Learning Agents studies systems that are capable of acting autonomously and adapting to their surroundings. It encompasses research from disciplines as diverse as Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Biology, as well as Cognitive and Social Sciences.

This special issue contains selected papers from the 2012 Adaptive and Learning Agents (ALA) workshop, held as a satellite workshop at the Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems conference (AAMAS) in Valencia, Spain. The goal of the ALA workshop is to increase awareness and interest in adaptive agent research, encourage collaboration, and provide a representative overview of current research in the area of adaptive learning agents. It aims at bringing together not only different areas of computer science (e.g. agent architectures, reinforcement learning, and evolutionary algorithms), but also different fields studying similar concepts (e.g. game theory, bio-inspired control, and mechanism design). The workshop serves as an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of ongoing or completed work in adaptive and learning agents and multiagent systems.


Preprints of the accepted papers can be downloaded below until the print edition of the journal appears.

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